Four Colour Flexo Printing Machine Four Colour Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine


Product Description

Flexo printing machine is using for printing paper materials and also sack materials.flexo printing machine is provided to print roll to roll system. Flexo printing machinery has servo control system so the machinery is worked as full electronic system. Machinery printing speed is reached 120 meters in per minute.

Technical Information
4 colours printing group.
Paint transfer rubber rollers.
Re-wind system byroll to roll system.
Printing dryer system by fan with rezistance.
Reliable drying system coordinated with high speed rotation,it will automaticaly break circuit when the machine stops.
Cliche printing adjustments by using screws.
Paper reels unload stand by mechanic system ( optional as hydraulic ).
4 KW Main motor power.
5.5 KW rewind motor power.
Machinery printing speed is 120 meters in perminute.
The meter counter can set printing quantity according to requirement.stop the machine automatically at the set quantity or when the paper is cut off.
Electronic speed control device ( inverter ).
Paper reels re-wind by double roller with torque system.