Paper Tube Making and Finishing Machine by Full-Electronic System Paper Tube Making and Finishing Machine by Full-Electronic System

Paper Core Making Machine

Product Description

Paper tube making and finishing machine is suitable for finishing textile yarns such as DTY and POY tubes products.Paper tube finishing machinery line is worked as entegrated system.Paper tube making and finishing production line is contained 4 separate units.These units :

1.)Paper Tube Making Machine by Full Electronic Cutting System

Paper tube making machinery is provide to winding paper tubes products by multiblade electronic cutting system.Paper tube making machine has servo control system so that machinery production speed is reached 30 meters in per minute. The high output of the machine is achieved using a servo drive motor for the cutting carriage.


2.) Paper Tube Conveyor Band Line

Paper tubes are transferred to conveyor band line for remove the moisture of glue over the paper tubes.All of production line is worked as entegrated and ready tubes will be transfer to mouth curling machinery from conveyor band line.


Technical Information

Paper tube conveyor band motor power 0.37 KW

Paper tube conveyor band speed control device 1 set

Paper tube aline system one by one to conveyor 1 set

3.) Paper Tube Mouth Curling Machine by 6 Head Action ( Ф 54 – 69 mm )

Paper tube mouth curling process is made by 6 head action round edge parts on the line.Paper tubes is transferred to mouth curling machinery from conveyor band.Paper tube’s top side is made to curling process on this line. After paper tube mouth curling process , paper tubes will transfer to automatic packaging unit by automatically.


Technical Information

Paper tube input feeding helezon system

Paper tube mouth curling by 6 head action

Paper tube mouth curling motor power 5.5 KW

Paper tube output conveyor band

4.) Paper Tube Automatic Packaging Machine

Paper tube packaging is the last process on this line.Paper tube is transfer to automatic packaging unit after mouth curling process and this line is worked as electronic devices.


Technical Information

Machine speed control device

Machinery paper tube pieces counter system into packaging system

Paper tube packaging system

Production speed is for 54 mm and 170 mm length 55 pcs./min.

31.200 pieces packaged open-end tubes for ready sending the customer.(in 8 hours )