Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine Paper-Slitter-Rewinder-Machine

Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine


Product Description

Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

Paper slitter rewinder machine improves the winding quality of paper at high speeds.

This machine has double rewind rolls and also the machinery has cylindiric slitting blades.Thus the machinery operator can change the cutting width as very easy by using handling.

Machinery main reel width range is between Min 1000 mm - Max 1800 mm

Machinery main reel diameter is Max 1500 mm

Machinery slitted reel diameter max 920 mm

Slitted paper reel width is min 50 mm

Paper grammage is min 40 gsm upto 500 gsm

Rewind air shaft diameter is 76 mm (optional 152 mm )

Automatic tension control synchorised with brake system