Paper Tube Re-Cutter Machine Paper Tube Re-Cutter Machine

Paper Tube Recutter Machine


Machine working system : 

The paper core re-cutter machine is designed for reaching high speed production capacity,easy to use,more safety and to protect much waste of cores.

The paper tube re-cutter machine’s cutting system is controlled by servo motor so the machine can able to cut very small tolerance.the cutting accurate will be ±  0,5 mm.

This tube cutting machine is programmable with an operator touch screen panel.

Technichal specifications : 

Paper core single or double blade by servo cutting system

Paper core length cutting as min : 10 mm max : 3100 mm

Paper core thickness as min 1 mm max 12 mm

Paper core inner diameter as min 25 mm max 200 mm

Paper core cutting tolerance is ±  0,5 mm.

Production speed is 20 meters in per minute.